Better Days And King Of My Town: Expanded Editions (2CD) - The Heptones

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Media Format: CD
UPC: 5013929281547
Release Date: Sep. 23, 2022
Media Format: CD
Genre: Reggae

Two of the finest reggae albums of the late 70s. The entirety of the group's work for legendary producer, Niney. One of Jamaica's most popular vocal groups of the 60s and 70s. Having initially achieved significant success in Jamaica during the rock steady era of the late 60s, The Heptones further cemented their reputation as the island's most accomplished vocal trio by scoring a succession of major hits throughout the following decade.

By 1978, the group, which comprised Earl Morgan and Barry Llewellyn and new member Naggo Morris, commenced what proved to be an extremely fruitful working relationship with Jamaican hit-maker, Niney, with the collaboration spawning a number of popular singles and the two superb albums that provide the focus of this 2CD set. In addition to the contents of these essential long-players, the collection also features the 'Observation Of Life Dub' album - the dub counterpart to 'Better Days' - and extended mixes that first saw issue on 12" singles as the decade drew to a close.

Track Listing
Disc: 1
1. Suspicious Minds
2. Crystal Blue Persuasion
3. Land of Love
4. No Bread on My Table Aka Oh Jah
5. Better Days
6. God Bless the Children
7. Ready Ready Baby
8. Every Day Life
9. Mr. Do Over Song
10. Key to the Heart
11. Mind Blowing Dub
12. Persuasion
13. Love in the Land
14. Nuff Bread on Our Table
15. Africa's Times Now
16. Jah's Children in Style
17. Ready for It
18. Way of Life Aka Life Every Day
19. Observer's Style
20. Lover's Dub
Disc: 2
1. Losing You
2. Behold
3. Holy Mount Zion
4. Motherless Child
5. Prisoner Girl
6. King of My Town
7. African Child (Jamaica)
8. Trails and Tribulations
9. Which Side Are You
10. A Hard Day's Night
11. Through the Fire I Come (12" Mix)
12. Move on (12")
13. Book of Rules (12" Mix)
14. Crystal Blue Persuasion (12" Mix)
15. Loosing You (12" Mix)
16. Holy Mount Zion (12" Mix)
17. Every Day Life (12" Mix)